Canary ♦ Dogmoon ♦ Brand ♦ Susuru

Name: CanaryCanary
Age: 23
Blood Type: B
Astrological Signifier: Scorpio
Hobby: Stickin’ it to the Man
Favorite Color: Steel Blue
Favorite Animal: Direwolf
Favorite Food:  Roast Fowl
Biography: Canary was born and raised in Toil. She has little memory of her mother, who died when she was very young, and was raised by her father, who was a mercenary in the service of Father Blackbird, Toil’s religious leader and de facto governor. A willful and wayward child, her antics and hyjinx were of little amusement to Blackbird and his cronies, and it was only through her father’s influence that she was often spared a caning in the public square. Canary had always expected to become a mercenary herself, but after her father’s death when she was 13, Father Blackbird denied her license to do so. Since then, she has been fated to labor in the dirt mines deep beneath the town of Toil. Her deep dissatisfaction with her position in life has earned her the scorn and ire of the community, and she constantly yearns to escape the confines of her small town, despite the legends that Toil is, in fact, the only habitable place on the planet…

Dogmoon the Wizard

Name: Dogmoon the Wizard
Age: Unknowable
Blood Type: O
Astrological Signifier: Aquarius
Hobby: Psychonautics, Bass Guitar
Favorite Color: Rainbows
Favorite Animal: Cats
Favorite Food:  Pepperoni Pizza
Biography: Little is known about the Wizard Dogmoon, as little is known about any Wizard. It is given to Wizards to travel through the Gates, the secret passageways that run deep beneath the surface of SATORI-99. Only they know what mysteries and wonders await in those halls, and they aren’t talking. Something of an outcast, even among his own kind, Dogmoon has a virulent disdain for authority, and tends to do things in his own way. He has a notable predilection for the Sweet Leaf grown in the mountains surrounding Toil, and because of that, he alone among the Wizards has taken the time to meet and know the people who live there. The elders in town have it that he used to be great friends with Canary’s father, but this may just be one of many unsubstantiated tales about the mysterious wanderer…

BrandName: Brand
Age: 19
Blood Type: A
Astrological Signifier: Capricorn
Hobby: Cooking, Reading
Favorite Color: Lime Green
Favorite Animal: Toads and Snakes
Favorite Food:  Chicken Curry
Biography: Brand died in childbirth alongside his mother, only to be exhumed one year later when locals heard crying coming from the earth beneath his tombstone. The nature of his miraculous survival is a mystery to everyone, and as a result, he has been met with suspicion and fear all of his life. Brand and Canary are childhood friends, who were taken care of by the same matron when their fathers were away on mercenary work. While Brand often gets drawn into Canary’s schemes out of a fierce sense of loyalty and affection for her, when he is left to his own devices, he is nowhere near as adventurous, preferring instead to sit quietly and read. His ideal future, and the one he hopes to achieve for himself, is as a scholar in the vast libraries of Father Blackbird’s church. This seems unlikely, however, as Blackbird seems to harbor a special hatred for the boy. These dark sentiments have only grown since Brand was revealed to possess latent sorcerous abilities on his eleventh birthday, ten years to the day since his resurrection…

SusuruName: Susuru
Age: 14
Blood Type: B
Astrological Signifier: Aries
Hobby: Mathematics, Poetry, Hunting
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Animal: Goats
Favorite Food:  Sasamu’s Chocolate Chip Cookies
Biography: Susuru is a slave held in captivity in the Kingdom of Bazhra by Duke Satan. He and his older sister Sasamu were the children of travelling merchants and grew up in a caravan learning all they could from the families there, including skills such as acrobatics, medicine, mathematics, philosophy, and the performing arts. One day, their caravan was waylaid and slaughtered by Duke Satan’s minions; their friends and parents all slain in the incident, the two were taken to be trained for service in the Duke’s opulent torture brothels. Susuru is fiercely loyal to the only family that remains to him, and his headstrong spirit and resistance to their captivity has made him the frequent target of Duke Satan’s thugs. One year ago, he concocted a scheme to escape to freedom with Sasamu, but at the last moment he was recaptured, while she managed to get away, promising to return for him. He now bides his time, planning another escape before the hellish training comes to an end and he is finally consigned to the perverse whims and carnal appetites of Duke Satan and his men…

BlackbirdName: Father Blackbird
Age: 66
Blood Type: O
Astrological Signifier: Scorpio
Hobby: Tax Collecting, Pontificating, Administering Public Canings
Favorite Color: Pustule Pink
Favorite Animal: Blackbirds
Favorite Food:  Cold Oat Porridge
Biography: Father Blackbird was the youngest son of the former governor of Toil, and was groomed from birth for a position in the priesthood. Resenting his older brother’s status as next in line for the seat of governing power, Blackbird exploited his family’s connections to quickly rise through the ranks of the church to the position of High Priest. The day he took office on his 33rd birthday, his father and brothers mysteriously vanished, never to be heard from again. Blackbird responded by abolishing the office of governor out of “respect” for his elder sibling, and effectively made himself the highest authority in Toil, a position he has occupied ever since. He preaches a gospel of hard work and earthly prosperity, spurring the people to labor in the mines below the city in order to earn their salvation. Seen as a paragon of virtue and morality by the majority of the population, he brooks no slack with dissenters, as Canary has found out all too often…