Tired of living a life of servitude in the mines and refusing to believe the legends that the nearby mountains represent the very boundary of the world, beyond which nothing but Death may be found, Canary decides to forsake the town of Toil and try to infiltrate the mysterious Gate that stands menacingly in an unexplored cavern beneath the town.

Her oldest friend Brand in tow, the two of them make their way to the floor of the cavern, only to be interrupted yet again by the town’s religious patriarch, Father Blackbird, who arrests Canary for her transgressions because, as everyone knows, the Gates may only be passed by those belonging to the mystical order known as the Wizards.

The next day, as Canary is taken before the townspeople and publicly caned, not for the first time, the wizard Dogmoon appears in the town square and demands that she be set free. This meeting between the two is the beginning of a miraculous transformation for Canary, as she will soon face the immense challenge not only of exploring the dark mysteries beyond the Gates, but also unraveling the hideous secrets dating back to the very creation of her world!