Oblivion World SATORI-99 is a 16-bit Role-Playing Game by KF Harlock. It is being developed using the Official Hamster Republic RPG Construction Engine (O.H.R.RPG.C.E.) and versions will be released for both Windows and Mac, with easy Linux emulation a distinct possibility. The game draws its inspiration from the classic 8- and 16-bit RPGs of old, especially Sega’s Phantasy Star series and early titles by developers such as Falcom and Enix.

The game breaks with the traditional fantasy mode of classic RPGs to let the player explore a unique environment that blends gritty science-fiction, cyberpunk, and 80s anime aesthetics with hardcore psychedelia in a grotesque amalgamation known as “psy-fi”. Players will control the fate of a small group of disenfranchised citizens who, thrown away by the world they once occupied, take beam-swords and ray-guns in hand as they travel deep into the mystifying mechanical heart of their planet, do battle with forces beyond understanding, and finally uncover the grim secrets of their blighted corporate hell-world.

For information on the game’s characters, visit The Characters page.

For more about the game’s story, visit The Story page.

Updates about the game’s developmental progress and upcoming release will be posted to the Home page regularly, so keep an eye out!

About the Creator

KF HarlockName: KF Harlock
Age: Too Damn Old for This Shit
Blood Type: Ham
Astrological Signifier: Scorpio, signifying… nothing (V.v.28)
Hobby: Writing, Pixeling, Kickin’ It Old School
Favorite Color: The Sea, The Sea
Favorite Animal: Kitty-Cats
Favorite Food: Tacos!
Biography: KF Harlock was born with a devastating allergy to the 21st century and spent his brief 17 years of respite before the turn of that century developing an immunity through devouring as many books, 8- and 16-bit RPGs, black and white movies, and meatball subs as possible. On days when he can get out of bed, he likes to write dystopic fiction starring cute girls, draw pixelated imagery of cute girls being menaced by slimes, kobolds, lizardmen, &c., and play with cats, dogs, and cute girls. His dream is to one day live in an overturned washtub in the Athenian marketplace, wear a burlap jerkin, and eat onions. Until that day, he strives to churn out as many sci-fi novels and pixel-heavy games as possible, as a ward against the Reaper. Previous works include Spellshard: The Black Crown of Horgoth.