MAJOR DELAY! But for a good reason!

Posted by kfharlock on Wednesday Aug 8, 2012 Under news

Okay, so the previous post lied — there were no weekly dev blog updates, or screenshots, or anything like that. But there’s a good reason why!

It’s because the last three months (since May 1st, the day after the previous post actually), I’ve been working with my old partner Shizuma on an entirely different game for this “Make an RPG in Three Months” contest running over at 64 Digits.

The game we were working on is called DUNGEONMEN: Men of Dungeons, and is something like a fusion of classic Western computer RPG mechanics (think Wizardry and company), with the classic Japanese console RPG aesthetics and design sensibilities that we here at the Critical Hit crave. It is ENTIRELY FINISHED at this point, so if you want to get a taste of how we spent the last three months break from Satori-99:


So, now that that’s out there, and you’re all convinced that I’m not just a lazy slob who disappeared for three months, the question remains: what of Satori-99? It is certainly not dead, and if anything, the time off gave me some distance I needed to refine the story a bit more. It’s going to be a challenging project because it’s the first RPG I’ve made that has any aspirations at all to tell a “literary” story; in Spellshard and Dungeonmen, my focus was simply on “good writing” in the context of a simple straightforward tale.

I’m going to be moving to Austin in the next three weeks, so I won’t promise that Satori-99 is going to be the most important thing during the move, but I can promise:

- The game will live someday soon, and it will be worth the wait, and,
- I’ll upload something here in the next week to give you all a sense of where we’re going with this, design-wise, and why you should be excited.

That’s all for now — thanks for following, and I hope you like Dungeonmen, and feel that it was a worthwhile project to delay Satori-99 for.


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