Posted by kfharlock on Monday Apr 30, 2012 Under news

At this point, the site is shaping up. Many of the pages now contain information that someone might actually want to look at! Be sure to check out the characters page for some information on both the heroes and villains who populate the game. The story page now has some meat to it as well.

At this point in the development cycle, I’m mostly still creating all the graphical resources the game will make use of, and coding some of the “systems” that make the thing go, such as the battle system, the quest item system, the satori system, and so on. It means that there’s a lot of work going into the game, but unfortunately not much of it that can be showed off to others, or that would make for interesting updates.

From this point forward though, I’ll be moving into the phase where there’s more updates to drop on anyone following these transmissions. Every week, I’ll be posting a DEV LOG post, wherein I chronicle some aspect of the design process for anyone who is interested in that kind of thing, as well as posting at least one screenshot, to give a better idea of how the Satori-99 project is shaping up, and hopefully build some hype.

Many thanks to anyone who has been following so far. Thanks for your patience while I got everything set up. Stay tuned, because things are about to go into interstellar overdrive!

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